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Our goal is to host a festival on the west side

of Spartanburg that accomplishes 3 goals:

  • Host an event that our entire parish family can support.

  • Host a family, friendly, fun, festival that is enjoyed by all.

  • To raise money for the growth of our church and to support local Spartanburg charities.



 WHY                                               ?

The parishioners at Jesus, Our Risen Savior (JORS) Catholic Church have a great love of Spartanburg.  Spartanburg is where we choose to live, work and raise our families.  The west side's growth of industry, business and housing makes this a very exciting time for Spartanburg.  As the only Catholic Church on Spartanburg’s west side, we need to support this growth by expanding our facilities.  We want to make sure that newcomers who share our Christian faith have a place to worship convenient to the west side.


Although the proceeds will help us expand our facilities, we are very proud to dedicate at least 10% to support some local Spartanburg charities:   St. Luke's Free Medical Clinic, the Spartanburg Interfaith Hospitality Network (SPIHN) and Safe Homes Rape Crisis Coalition.

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By supporting                        , you are helping your community and your neighbors.

Our JORS family hopes you, your friends and your families enjoy themselves at                           !   

With your help,                           will become a new tradition for Spartanburg!

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