2575 Reidville Road
Spartanburg, SC 29301
(864) 576-1164


The SpartOberfest Christmas Market

In 2017, 3,000 patrons attended and everyone enters the Fest through the Christmas Market. In 2018 we had 1,100 attend on Friday night (closed Sat due to storm)   We hope for 3,400+ in 2019!

A partial list of our 2019 vendors

               Please visit their websites for more information

4 Elizabeth LLC   Jewelry


McRose Designs Jewelry   www.mcrosedesigns.com


Charming 2d Amendment - check her Facebook page

Blue Ridge Wood Crafters


Bath Fitter custom bath/shower   www.bathfittersouth.com

Lynn's Lagniappe


Ms Lillian's Pie Spices pies & pie spice   www.mslillianslouisianapiespices.com


Unique Candles

Sew Quilting Creations - Sewing and Needlework

Carolina Gutter Helmet

Wood Weks Shoppe

Hannouche Family Chiropractic   www.hannouchefamilychiropractic.com

Casa Creations

Mary Kay Cosmetics

Patty's Collection

Whispered June

Dora Elizondo Ceramics

Fun at Every Turn - Wooden bowls, pepper mills, coffee scoops

More to come!